Actor profile, Matt Mercer

In our film “Kessler’s Lab,” Matt Mercer plays Daniel Powell; a psychologist working in the lab, monitoring and caring for the clones during the drug trial.

Matt Mercer in the film Kessler's Lab

In this scene from the film, Daniel realizes the weight of responsibility for Emma’s death ultimately lands squarely on him.  A desperate plea to Doctor Vanderhill to save the clone is swiftly rejected and the idea that his effort is for the “greater good” unravels before Daniel’s eyes.

Daniel Powell is a well educated man who thinks he is very much in control; even though his destiny was manipulated and paved long ago by his benefactor Martin Kessler.  He is easily conflicted, near the point of no return as he struggles between doing the right thing, and remaining true to Doctor Kessler.

“Kessler’s Lab is one of my favorite kind of movie setups: a small group of people in a run-down, isolated, creepy location, dealing with serious physical and psychological challenges.  On top of that, there’s a serious moral dilemma at play that adds to the suspense.” – Matt Mercer


Matt Mercer

Matt works on independent genre films in myriad capacities. He’s acted in many, such as THE MIND’S EYE, BEYOND THE GATES, BROWSE, PSYCHOPATHS, MADISON COUNTY, BAD BAD MEN, THE POISONING, FEW OPTIONS, and the Syfy original movies AGE OF TOMORROW, AIRPLANE VS. VOLCANO, and DAM SHARKS. As a filmmaker, he co-produced and starred in the horror feature CONTRACTED (IFC), a hit that garnered a sequel CONTRACTED: PHASE II (in which Matt returned in the lead role). He directed, edited, and produced the feature film dramedy YOU OR A LOVED ONE (acquired by Indiecan Entertainment), and recently directed the short films including TAIL, PLAY VIOLET FOR ME, and the just-completed FEEDING TIME. He resides in California and likes french fries too much.

connect with Matt on twitter @mercershark

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