Actor Profile, Anna Biani

Our film, Kessler’s Lab, is about drug testing on human clones. Dr Martin Kessler is determined to redeem himself from the failure of Jxkavan, a drug that ultimately killed many teens with behavioral problems.  He used the DNA from his deceased daughter to create 10 clones as test subjects. While each clone is affected differently, all are ultimately taxed beyond their mental and physical ability to endure the drug trial.  After 18 years of testing, many of the clones have suffered and died from the experiments.  Anna Biani plays four of the clones in the film.

Anna Biani in the film Kessler's Lab

In this scene, Kate, (played by Anna Biana), is extremely agitated by the sound of the fluorescent lights in her room.  Her reaction to the drugs is making her sensitive and she has become very aggressive and violent.

Anna BianiA native of Tbilisi, Georgia, Anna Biani is the daughter of Georgian film director Besarion Giorgobiani. With entertainment running through her veins, she began her acting career at the age of 6, appearing in a number of commercials, as well as a documentary. When she was 14, Anna landed her first big role as a lead actress in the 2006 short film called If This Day Never Happened, directed by her sister Khatuna Giorgobiani.

Two years later, Anna was cast as the leading role in the historical feature film Cinka Panna, where she played the famous 18th century Hungarian gypsy violinist. The film went on to win a Golden Palm Award at the 2009 Mexico International Film Festival.

Since then, Anna has acted in theater plays, improv comedy performances, and a series of films including Freaky Deaky (alongside Christian Slater), Windsor Drive (costarring Samaire Armstrong), and Sacred Blood (with Bai Ling and Michael Madsen).  In 2017, Anna has extended her talents, adding directing to her ever-growing repertoire.

connect with Anna on twitter:  @annabiani

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