Actor Profile, Melinda Lee

Melinda Lee plays the villain in the movie “Kessler’s Lab.”  Dr Vanderhill has dedicated her life to helping teens with mental health.  After many years of success with her mood stabilizing drug, Jxkavan, people started having terrible reactions, and many died.  She is now determined to find out what went wrong.  In partnership with Dr Kessler, she created a secret lab where she tests the drugs on human clones.

Melinda Lee in Kessler's Lab

In this scene from the movie, Dr Vanderhill is confronted by her colleague about the dangers of the drug testing.  She is determined to stop at nothing to redeem herself.

“Dr Vanderhill was interesting to portray… I was always thinking what drives a scientist to do “whatever it takes”…was she insane or simply lacked compassion and driven beyond reason?” -Melinda Lee

Melinda Lee


Melinda Lee is an actor, beauty expert, on-air host and spokesperson.  She was an on-air host for the Home Shopping Network and now in semi-retirement, hosts a YouTube channel

She can also be found at  or on InstaGram @MelindaLeeBeautyTips 


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